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Hair Health System

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The hair health system was created to help restore, repair and rejuvenate dry hair. With the styling efforts of Fifth Sample Styling Mask Pomade and our all-natural Cloud Control hair oil, this system is sure to keep your hair lasting all day while keeping it healthy. Paired with heat protection and we have the ultimate hair health routine. After using our hair health system, you will instantly notice softer, healthier and easier to manage hair. 

What's included in the Hair Health System? 

  • Original Styling Meraki 2.5oz is our popular pre-styler that not only helps with creating huge volume but also helps protect your hair from heat when blow drying. 
  • Fifth Sample Styling Mask Pomade NEW 2.5oz is a styling product that has 5 hair health benefits that keep your hair soft and healthy after every wash. It contains a high hold and a low shine finish. 
  • Cloud Control Hair Oil 2.0oz is great for achieving soft and healthy hair. It’s made of 12 natural ingredients that are meant to treat hair that is dull and dry. 




Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Gopinath Selvarajoo
Worth it!

Yes, the product is very worthwhile.

Nothing Compares!

For over 20 years , I’ve been looking for a product that will hold my thick / course hair. Most products are clunky and oily. They don’t leave your hair feeling “fresh”. This product does it all. The Cloud Control oil is awesome after a shower. It leaves my hair looking “wet” rather than dry. Which is easier to style ! Overall, it lasts all day and doesn’t make your hair smell like an oil can.

Jeff Priesmeyer
Not the greatest stuff

I normally go with the clay but it was out of stock so I thought I’d give something else a try. I got the purple pomade stuff and gotta say, it’s not the greatest. Hard to get out of the container and hard to work up to put in your hair. It’s more like the green gunk from the movie flubber. Gotta really work it in your hands for it to not stay in a tiny ball. Maybe I’m using it wrong idk but hopefully the clay stuff comes back otherwise gonna have to go to a different brand

Bipin Ale
Amazing products!

Does exactly what it says, the only thing I don’t like about the wax are they smell like toothpaste. Apart from that excellent product.

Evan Terng
It works super good

This is absolutely amazing for my hair. I had dandruff and it is almost gone now because of the cloud control and pomade. My hair never felt softer. Original is a must have. Best products for dry hair. I sleep with cloud control in my hair and man love the results. Keep on making good stuff!