Skip the Awkward Phase: Transform Your Hairstyle with These Transitional Hair Ideas

The transitional phase can be scary for both those who are growing, and those who are looking to get a cut their hair.

The issue you’re probably running into right now is that yes, hair does grow back, but sometimes there's regret and you wish you hadn't gone through with growing or cutting in the first place. Don’t worry, we have the ‘in-between’ haircuts and hair products that help you transition your grow-out.


Here are some transitional hairstyles we suggest for managing your grow out. 

Ivy League Cut

Trying to grow out your punky undercut into something a little more work appropriate? Then this style is your new go-to. The Ivy League haircut is a type of crew cut where the hair on the front of the head is long enough to smooth over in a side part, while the crown is cut short. It works best for people with straight hair, but with some blow-drying and product, you can get hair with a wave or loose curl to work with this cut.  

Ivy-league cut

Combed Back Short Sides

Want to retain some of your edge while growing out your hair? This look is like the cooler cousin of the preppy Ivy League Cut. Again, it works best with straight hair, but if you use a Pre Styler like Ascend Volume Cream before blowdrying with a brush, you can make it work. 

short sides combed back

Side Part

Once you’re farther into your hair grow-out journey, your life can suddenly seem a lot harder. When the hair on the sides is grown out, and the hair on top is longer (but not that much longer) the temptation to start all over again is the strongest. Don’t give in! Just give it a trim, and a part to the side instead. This transitional hairstyle is the best way to leave the house looking presentable, without committing to a brand-new extreme style. 



Then again, why not lean into a more intentionally styled transitional haircut. By using a product with enough texture and hold (like the ones below), you can rock a quiff as you grow out the sides of your hair, and look great doing it. 



The key to rocking a transitional hairstyle is making sure you're committed to it. That means going through the whole process of styling (pre and post). Remember: 

  1. Use products with higher hold and more texturizing than you’re used to
  2. Pre styling —with a blowdryer
Ascend Volume Cream

This pre-styler is heaven-sent for straight-haired folks. It is lightweight, protects hair from the heat of your blow-dryer, and adds a boost of volume so your hair doesn’t fall flat in any of the above hairstyles. But that’s not all!

Have wavy hair that tends to frizz or just fights lying the way you want it to? Try adding this to your hair before blow-drying, then use a brush to pull your hair more taut as you fry. Ascend Volume Cream will help your hair stay smooth all-day long on its own, or just as you get ready to use a post-styler. 

Monarch Matte Paste

Forget what you think you know about pastes. This post-styler is lightweight and easy to use, but also offers medium-high hold and texture that lasts all day. What’s more, it has a matte finish that makes your quiff look almost natural!

Cavalier Heavy Clay

Have long, curly, or just extra-wild hair? This heavy clay has your back. It is thicker and has more hold than Monarch Matte Paste, while offering all-day hold and gives tons of texture.


Let’s say you’re a risk-averse type of person. Even if you’re been thinking about a drastic new hairstyle for months, thoughts of an awkward grow-out phase have stopped you from making the appointment.

Here are our tips and things to consider before getting a drastically shorter cut. 

  • Instead of going from 7-8 inches long to 2-3 inches, try an in-between length! There’s no shame in subtlety.
  • Think about what outfits might pair with the hairstyle you’re thinking about. This might feel extra, but if you’re already planning an outfit (and maybe a fun event or date to rock the look at) it will help you visualize the new haircut in your current life.
  • Research other hairstyles.You’ve already looked at some transitional hairstyles to grow out the cut you’re thinking of, but maybe you ended the ‘discovery’ phase too soon. If your barbershop/salon has an Instagram, you can look for inspiration, and even DM your barber to talk about what you’re looking for. They may have some ideas, and know what will work best for your hair type
  • Sleep on it! Great hair decisions don’t all happen on the spur of the moment. 

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Ascend Volume Cream

Monarch Matte Paste

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