• Cavalier Heavy Clay
  • Cavalier Heavy Clay
  • Cavalier Heavy Clay
  • Cavalier Heavy Clay
  • Cavalier Heavy Clay
  • Cavalier Heavy Clay

Cavalier Heavy Clay

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BluMaan’s Cavalier Clay works with your hair to create extreme texture and all-day hold. From the classic to the creative, you can count on the Cavalier’s heavy hold to make your hairstyle last all day (or two!) without a need to reapply. Its denser consistency allows it to control coarse, wavy and thick hair. It also nourishes and strengthens your hair with organic oils, natural proteins and amino acids.


Banafit 1

Extreme texture

great for that messy and effortless look

Banafit 2

Medium-heavy weight

able to control coarse, wavy and thick hair

Banafit 3

Long-lasting hold

hold strong enough that you won’t need to reapply during the day

Banafit 4

Nourishes and strengthens

contains organic oils, natural proteins and amino acids

Natural finish

versatile look to suit any occasion



hair health

When BluMaan started, our mission has always been to help you find your personal style through the power of hair styling. We also believe that in order to achieve the best hairstyle possible your hair needs to be at optimum health. All our products are made in the USA with ingredients that will nourish your hair and is safe to use on a daily basis.

Amino Acid Blend

Moisturizes hair, strengthens its structure and repairs surface damage

Quinoa Protein

Enhances shine and nourishes hair to provide healthier looking hair

Organic Argan Oil

Makes hair softer, silkier and shinier. It’s an excellent conditioner that treats dry and brittle hair

Customer Reviews

Based on 298 reviews
Mohamad Kassem
One of a kind

Does exactly what it says on the label

Isaac C
Finally a product I love

I have super, super thick hair (it runs in my family), and I've always struggled with styling my hair in a way that added texture but also kept my hair in-shape for long periods of time. The Cavalier Heavy Clay was a game-changer for me, because it finally solved all those problems I had been struggling with. This review might sound like a paid ad because this is exactly what Cavalier Heavy Clay says it' supposed to do, and it sounds like I'm just repeating it, but guess what -- it's true. I couldn't recommend this product enough for those with thick hair like mine. I'm glad I found BluMaan on Youtube one random night while searching for new hair products.

Evan Ching Wai Terng
Most used hair product since release

I remember being super excited for this product when it first came out and been using it ever since! No matter what hair length I am at cavalier holds up the best this is my fav hair clay and I tried a lot of hair clays trust me.

John Jarnot
Perfect for thick hair

Best product I've used strong hold for my thick hair without sacrificing volume. I used to use budget products and thought that I couldn't have longer hair and keep that volume and texture this proved that wrong.

Andrew Porter
Great Product not for me though

It has a lot of hold and does the exact job of what it says it's just a little too heavy for my hair type and will try a different product soon.