Are you ruining your hair?

Hair myths and misconceptions might be ruining your hair.

Normally we love a good urban myth. (Who doesn’t love a good Bigfoot sighting?) But hair myths can cause everything from bad hair days to poor hair health. That’s the opposite of everything we’re about at BluMaan, so we thought we should take the time to bust some hair myths once and for all. 


Hat hair

We’re not entirely sure where this one came from—maybe bald men wear more hats and it’s a case of cause and effect gone backwards? Whatever the origin, it’s entirely false. 

While certain high-tension hairstyles like buns or braids can weaken or damage hair when worn for long periods, it’s because the weight of the hair causes pulling at the hair root.

What little friction might happen between hair and hat brim does not cause baldness, so you can consider this hair myth busted. If you’re worried about hair loss, the first step is to keep healthy hair habits, like washing and conditioning regularly, and using heat-protectant pre-stylers like Original Styling Meraki or Ascend Volume Cream if you blow dry. If hereditary hair loss is a concern, reach out to your doctor about options as early as you can. 


Shampoo and Conditioner

Look, we love dry shampoo. When you’re running late in the morning or an extra hot day has caused a bit of a grease buildup, dry shampoo gives you an instant refresh…

But unfortunately, it doesn’t replace washing your hair in the shower. How dry shampoo works is that it sucks up oil to temporarily reduce the appearance of grease, but that oil (and now the dry shampoo) is still sitting on your hair. A ‘wet’ wash regularly is essential to get rid of that buildup and maintain hair health.


Original Styling Meraki Blow Drying

We love hitting the gym for a good workout, and it’s amazing how targeting different muscles can change your body shape. Unfortunately, your hair isn’t a muscle, so you can’t train it to fall a different way or to make a cowlick stop sticking up.

Don’t worry—you CAN use styling products with higher hold (like Original Styling Meraki) to shape your hair into your desired style. As a fibre-wax, it helps give volume to your hair with high hold and a natural matte finish that will last all day (or night). Once you wash it out, your hair will go back to having a mind of its own.

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