• Discovery Styling Kit
  • Discovery Styling Kit
  • Discovery Styling Kit
  • Discovery Styling Kit
  • Discovery Styling Kit
  • Discovery Styling Kit

Discovery Styling Kit

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Our discovery styling kit contains our five hair styling products all in a convenient travel size.

Each jar contains 0.5 oz of each product which will give you a generous amount to work with and try out.

The discovery kit will help you figure out the best product for your hair type and most importantly help you discover your own unique style. Try our full range of styling products to figure out what suits your needs - Is it the texture? Hair health? High hold or a combination of everything? 

The beauty of our discovery kit is that it’s up to you to discover what works best for you. We supply all tools to help you find out the best combination for any occasion. 



Customer Reviews

Based on 62 reviews
Start Here

This is the best buy if you're not so sure on what product best suits your hair. I used it and I have thinning hair. Best move because I found what suits my hair and I didn't have a bad experience buy from it. The products are so soft on your hair that I ended up getting someone to use it and they love it. I gave them my kit and they enjoy using the original while I use clay. We both like 5th sample. Best buy for your wallet and your hair. No dissatisfaction in this kit.

Highly Recommend This Brand

I used to watch Blumaan back in 2015-2017 when I was really trying to figure out what to do about my hair, and I can say with 100% confidence that this is a brand you can trust in terms of quality and reliability. I have tried every styling product in the line and they are all worth trying for all hair types.

Cavalier clay: 7/10
^too heavy, sticky, not a fan of the smell. I can handle a heavy clay no problem but it’s just too much.
Hybrid clay: 7/10
^not a great product if used on its own but when mixer with cavalier clay, the cocktail becomes a 10/10. good luck finding a better combo than these two clays mixed together.
^ mix them together: 10/10

Original by blumaan (blue): 9/10
^ it’s probably the best pre styler on the market for providing decent hold, smoothing, and control. in other words, it sets a great foundation during blow drying for your post styler.

Monarch paste: 5/10
Pomade: 5/10
^ both are healthy, smell good, and wash out great but they perform about as good as a drugstore alternative. HIGHLY RECOMMEND anything from lockhart’s, o’douds, or shear revival if you want a great pomade or matte paste.

Best start

I recommend everyone to start with this kit. A mix between two is recommended if you blow dry.

Take your time and test it over the day. I thought the red one suits me, but turns out blue and purple are way better for my hair.

The best

I love these it made my hair look so amazing. I can try the ones that fit me and then buy the big one which cost more. I love it!!!!

Great product for every hair type

I ordered this to find out what product is best for me. I have wavey/curly hair and already enough volume. I just want to control the curls better and give them some texture that's why I like hybrid the most. It's not very strong tho, for hair without a lot of volume I would recommend original or monarch maybe. I don't like the smell of monarch so I only used it once. The other products smell good tho. And I like that all products are matte or natural finish even the pomade. I don't like when my hair looks oily or wet... So good job guys! I use all the products depending on what hair style I want or what length they have. I think that the products are a bit pricy especially the shipping because I am not for the US. But overall a good product and I would buy it again!