• Hybrid Cream Clay
  • Hybrid Cream Clay
  • Hybrid Cream Clay
  • Hybrid Cream Clay
  • Hybrid Cream Clay
  • Hybrid Cream Clay

Hybrid Cream Clay

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Hybrid Cream Clay is hand-crafted in collaboration with Arcadian Grooming. It combines cream and clay, utilizing the best aspects of each. Hybrid’s creamy texture provides a smooth, comfortable application and the clay leaves the hair with a natural matte finish. After 10-15 minutes the product will “activate” to a light-medium hold, allowing you ample time to style! This product works great for those who want to achieve relaxed and messy styles.


Banafit 1

Light-Medium Hold

The product’s Delayed Hold Activation combines a smooth application with a formidable hold

Banafit 2

Smooth and Creamy

Thick and creamy consistency makes it easy to apply

Banafit 3

Natural Textured Finish

Achieve a textured and effortless look with a natural finish

Banafit 4

Nourishes and Cleanses

The blend of butters, oils and sea clays nourish your hair with vitamins and lightly cleanses it too





hair health

When BluMaan started, our mission has always been to help you find your personal style through the power of hair styling. We also believe that in order to achieve the best hairstyle possible your hair needs to be at optimum health. All our products are made in the USA with ingredients that will nourish your hair and is safe to use on a daily basis.

Shea Butter

Provides a creamy texture and nourishes hair with antioxidants

Apricot Kernel Oil

Enriches hair with several fatty acids

Sea Clay

Lightly cleanses and enhances hair with minerals

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