• Discovery Styling Kit
  • Discovery Styling Kit
  • Discovery Styling Kit
  • Discovery Styling Kit
  • Discovery Styling Kit
  • Discovery Styling Kit

Discovery Styling Kit

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Our discovery styling kit contains our five hair styling products all in a convenient travel size.

Each jar contains 0.5 oz of each product which will give you a generous amount to work with and try out.

The discovery kit will help you figure out the best product for your hair type and most importantly help you discover your own unique style. Try our full range of styling products to figure out what suits your needs - Is it the texture? Hair health? High hold or a combination of everything? 

The beauty of our discovery kit is that it’s up to you to discover what works best for you. We supply all tools to help you find out the best combination for any occasion. 



Customer Reviews

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Manuel Alonso
Not only a great kit for starters!

Although this is a great kit for starters this is also great for people that are curious about other Blumaan products (like me). These are also great travel size jars you can take with you, refill when needed and leave the big jars at home. If you end up finding one (or two) that don't go well with your hair type I recommend combining products with ones you do like as you may get a different result. For example, I'm not really into matte products so I combined matte paste with fifth sample and got the shine from the fifth sample and the texture from the matte paste, you could also achieve the same result using the matte paste as the pre-styler and fifth sample for post-styler. So don't be afraid to create your own product cocktail!

David Patterson

This is an amazing way to test out blumaans products!! Which are Phenomenal btw. The Fifth sample pomade and caviler heavy clay combo is perfect for my hair. Joe, blumaan products are out of this world. They are so great and work perfectly with my hair making it feel so great and smooth. After trying so many and I mean so so many hair products. This line up beats them all. Blumaan is absolutely phenomenal!

Try it!

Ive actually tried many different hair products, and I must say, I am quite impressed. I didnt think I would good bc Blumaan its like so ubiquitous, but its great. I chose the combo recommended to me for fine hair by the website and it worked great! It was the Original as prestyler and then the Sample Pomade. Made my hair feel thick. I just played w the Hybrid and I think I like it too. These are not rock hard holds like I was hoping, but thats was a shot of hairspray is for. Shrugs

The best thing about this sampler is that it has a decent amount of product per jar. I tried Hanz de Fuko and it was like 2 samples per container. This is more like 10+. I can already tell I'll probably get the Original again and then play around w combos. Honestly, Original is pretty damn functional, I may just need that. Anyways, this is a great bang for your buck, and the products are excellent.

New to hairstyling? Try this!

I’ve tried a few hair products and just recently tried out Blumaan products to see what the hype was about. Now I understand why.
From trying out these products, I’ve now gotten a better understanding into what works in my hair and what doesn’t; It also has given me some personal favourites from this line including Original, Monarch and Fifth sample just to name a few.
For a beginner who just doesn’t know where to start with hair styling I definitely recommend the Blumaan Discovery Kit, or even someone who’s just curious to see what Blumaan has to offer, then this kit is worth buying.
It's also a fantastic buy if you like having different products as you get 5 for the price of 1.
Solid line, definitely recommend and special thanks to Joe and the Blumaan team!

Max Mohammed
This is the real deal

I've been with blumaan for over 2 years now, and honest to God I love every single one of them products. They work so well with my hair! The best that works for my thick hair is the original as a pre styler and the hybrid cream clay as a post styler for my favorite matte finish and a little extra hold. Blumaan, I love you so much. You guys are amazing!