• Fifth Sample Styling Mask Pomade Low Shine Edition
  • Fifth Sample Styling Mask Pomade Low Shine Edition
  • Fifth Sample Styling Mask Pomade Low Shine Edition
  • Fifth Sample Styling Mask Pomade Low Shine Edition

Fifth Sample Styling Mask Pomade Low Shine Edition

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BluMaan's Fifth Sample Styling Mask Pomade (Low Shine Edition) has been reformulated to maintain the core features of its original edition with some attractive upgrades. This product took over 3 years to develop together with a team of pomade experts.

Fifth Sample features a long-lasting hold, incredible washability and a re-defined formula that is easy to break down. We also increased the concentration of nutrients to keep your hair healthier after every wash!

In a poll of Fifth Sample users…

  • Hold: 6/6 testers agree that the hold is a solid medium or better. It held up all day for all 6 testers.
  • Hair health: All 7 testers noticed some improvement in softness and shine, ranging from slight improvement to very noticeably healthier. 2 stated that the hair felt extremely conditioned after use, and recommended using it on multiple days.
  • Finish: 6/6  testers found a low-natural shine and all found that this was an acceptable level of shine.
  • Washability: 7 out of 7 testers stated that the product is very easy to wash out. Some were able to remove 80%-100% with just water. 100% of testers were able to remove all product with one shampoo, without any remaining residue.


Banafit 1

Weightless control

to keep your hair from being weighed down

Banafit 2

Medium to high-hold

depending on how much you use and your hair type

Banafit 3

Smooth application

without tugging or pulling for headache free application

Banafit 4

Creates tons of

definition and texture



hair health

When BluMaan started, our mission has always been to help you find your personal style through the power of hair styling. We also believe that in order to achieve the best hairstyle possible your hair needs to be at optimum health. All our products are made in the USA with ingredients that will nourish your hair and is safe to use on a daily basis.

Grape Seed Oil

Moisturizes and conditions the hair to prevent frizz, split ends and brittle hair.

Biotin (Vitamin B7)

Wraps the hair in silky coating to strengthen and add fullness



Improves hair elasticity, moisture retention and flexibility.

Silk Amino Acids

Allows for penetration of the hair cortex to strengthen and repair


It is one of the primary structural components of hair. Keratin keeps hair healthy and lessens damage.

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