The Shooter - Starring Joseph Andrews, Neil Patrick Harris and Angelina Jolie

This is something that we've kept secret for quite some time, but we're so excited to announce that Joe is starring in a Hollywood Movie! 

Joe has always had a passion for acting but got quickly rejected in his early years. So he turned to Youtube to boost his acting skills and prepare for that one big callback. Well today is the day that Joe's dream comes true. 

Joe has been constantly balancing Youtube and filming on set. Now you understand why he was only releasing Youtube videos on Mondays and Fridays. He's been on set filming his new movie, waiting to show everyone.

In this movie, Joe, Neil Patrick Harris and Angelina Jolie are assassins that are on a mission to assassinate the president. But Joe finds out that he has been given a secret motive to kill his teammates. So does Joe pull the trigger on his friends or let them go and risk being killed himself?

In this movie, Joe does his own stunts and practiced his fight scenes with Jason Statham.

Currently the movie is shown locally in the UK and South Africa. But stay tuned for a global release.

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(In the meantime, scroll down to check out these billboard posters that were spotted around Manchester.)

The Shooter

The Shooter Billboard

The Shooter Billboard

The Shooter Billboard

The Shooter Billboard

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