• Hair Volume & Thickening System
  • Hair Volume & Thickening System
  • Hair Volume & Thickening System
  • Hair Volume & Thickening System

Hair Volume & Thickening System

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The Hair Volume & Thickening System was created to help build lightweight volume, high hold, and make any hair type appear naturally thicker! Use Ascend Volume Cream as a pre-styler, it will take your hair to new heights with its volume-boosting effects. Pair it with our versatile Monarch Matte Paste for hairstyles with lightweight and high-hold that will last all day. Great for all hairstyles, especially effective for those with thinner hair. 


Volume Boost

Heat-activated formula takes your hair to new heights with a boost of volume that lasts all day.

Lightweight, Heat-Protecting Formula 

Protects strands from heat damage while styling and builds your hair up without ever weighing it down.

Thickening, Fuller Look

Get hair that looks fuller and thicker no matter your style—great for bulking up fine or thin hair.

Easy application

Tube packaging lets you dispense and apply easily—never deal with dried product or clogged pumps again.

Banafit 4

Creates tons of

Definition and texture





How to

Pre-style: Use one pump of Ascend Volume Cream (1.5 pumps if your hair is longer than about 5-6 inches). Blow dry with a vented brush to build volume.

Post-style: Start with one scoop of Monarch Matte Paste (use more if necessary). Apply to hair after pre-styling. Use hands to create texture and to evenly spread product throughout hair to shape final desired hairstyle.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

I've used & wasted vast amounts of cash on volumizing sprays, mousse & gels for years, BUT NOTHING LIKE THIS. In one word this combo of Ascend Volume Cream & Monarch Matte Paste is truly AMAZING. Using so little to get the maximum results while experimenting is truly the hallmark of a great product.

I am a customer (lifetime) & not affiliated with BluMaan whatsoever. I was skeptical at first (here's another "pump it up" BS cream on the scene) but WOW...the combination of cream, blow-drying & paste & SO LITTLE OF IT (dime size) is simply a TKO.

The price, packaging, scent, texture & final results? Well...I'M REORDERING (still have a full system) this a great product for the price & for the results!

πŸ‘‘ Blumman πŸ‘‘ what took you SO long? πŸ˜πŸ…πŸ†πŸ₯‡πŸ‘πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘

Mariano Frias
Amazing volume product

Very impressed with Blumaan. Hands down worth the money. Never used anything like it, takes very small amount & works fantastic!

Fransisco Rueda

I never write reviews for products however this product was an exception. I had never used a product that felt so good and natural on my hair, I would usually go for store hair products to style my hair. This would often result in my hair feeling very dry and hair falling off more frequently because of all the chemicals. I can honestly say this has been the BEST and not exaggerating, the best product I have used on my hair. I want to buy more of their products just because I feel like every products will deliver something different.

Monarch is too heavy

The Ascend volume cream is great post-reformulation, and I feel it really sets up a foundation without adding too much hold or weight on it's own. I can use it with strong products and not have the "too much" effect in my hair, which is perfect. Definitely a contender for daily driver.

Monarch on the other hand doesn't play well with my hair type. I don't know why, but it causes a lot of strand separation, and the style will deflate or split through the day. Blumaan advertises its nourishing oils/butters and that's my guess for why it doesn't hold up. It's not strong enough like Cavalier to fix everything in place, nor light enough like Original to keep the volume. I find myself constantly picking up strands that fall into my face. I've tried everything from pea sized scoop, to full finger tip, to layering and can't find any way to make it work. I'll keep using it on lazy days at home probably. Also the scent is still reminiscent of elderlies.

Great hold

Great product. It isn’t harsh on the hair and provides a great matte hold. Doesn’t pull hair out when styling and doesn’t clump hairs together if you have finer hair. Smell is okay but overall, I’d buy again