5 Popular Spring Hairstyles for Men in 2024

With the spring season here, It's time to step up your hair game and get on board with the newest trends in men's hairstyles. Just like revamping your wardrobe, changing up your hairstyle can instantly enhance your appearance and boost your self-confidence.

In this guide, we dive into the top hairstyles for men this spring and how to get them. Turn heads with these on-trend looks.

We spoke with our hair professional network, and these are five spring hairstyles for men they recommend!


Fade Curly Hairstyle

 Is there anything more fresh than a fade? It makes a popular spring hairstyle for men because it can look so versatile on different hair types - straight, curly, and even wavy. You can vary the length on top, blending…there’s no limit to options. 

After asking a few of our barbers we work with, here’s a nugget of advice they mention about fades:

“Keep your hair on top looking fresh, don’t let it get too long—about 3-5 inches is great to work with when it comes to styling. What keeps a fade fresh is maintenance so be sure to visit your barber frequently.”

Just make sure you’re using hair care like Cloud Control Hair Oil to keep frizz from ruining the look and to add back moisture to prevent your hair from drying out. And make sure you can stay on top of a frequent maintenance schedule: ideally a fade needs to be touched up every 2-3 weeks before looking messy.


Messy mid-length hairstyle

Spring is the time to let loose, so why not go wild and try a messier look?

The key to a messy mid-length look is to make sure you’re on top of the trims and touch ups that keep this spring hairstyle for men from looking like you just rolled out of bed. 

Make sure you thin out your hair so it’s not too dense, you don’t want your hair to look too heavy. But instead, more lightweight and careless. And if you’ve got curls or wavy hair, use a product like Fifth Sample Pomade to add definition.


Short Crop Hairstyle

Effortlessly hip and a breeze to maintain, the textured crop stands as the ultimate choice for the contemporary man on the go.

This endlessly adaptable haircut boasts short sides and slightly longer hair on top, crafting a textured appearance is both unique and classic. 

All you need to achieve this style is Coastal Texture Salt Spray. Add to damp hair, and blow dry with your fingers to create texture. 


Brush Back Flow

For a flowy natural look, the brush back flow reigns supreme. This suave hairstyle needs longer sides and top, which are artfully smoothed back for a sleek and sophisticated finish. This look focuses on your hairs natural flow so just go with it!

We recommend using Coastal Texture Salt Spray to start as it adds texture, and Monarch Matte Paste to lock in the hold and provide a natural matte finish.

5. The Natural Side Part:

Natural Side Part

A fusion of the classic and the contemporary, while embracing the natural waves of your hair. By creating a part on one side you create a look that's timeless, sophisticated, and stylish.

The natural side part is an effortless look because it is a relaxed hairstyle.

All you need is Ascend Volume Cream to give a boost of volume, and finish off with Monarch Matte Paste to create texture and provide the right amount of hold.


Coastal Texture Salt Spray

Monarch Matte Paste

Ascend Volume Cream

Not sure what works for your hair type? Searching for more hold, volume, or texture? Take our hair quiz and find out your perfect match.