BluMaan Hair Growth Challenge

There are 4 simple ground rules.

  1. Official start date is September 17th, 2018 – but to give you some prep time you’re allowed to get 1 more haircut within the first seven days of this video going live.
  2. The aim of the game is to simply grow out the top of your hair, your fringe area which means you’re allowed to get the sides and back cut as short and as frequently as you like.  Of course if you want to grow everything out including sides, by all means go for it. 
  3. You’re also allowed to get maintenance trims which means going to the barbers to get split ends cut off or to get your hair thinned out if it starts getting heavy – as long as you’re not loosing length on top it’s allowed.
  4. VERY IMPORTANT - take a picture of what your hair looks like now because I want to do monthly updates showcasing where I’m at but more importantly where you guys are at. Upload your photos here or via instagram by using the #BluMaanchallenge so we can keep up to date with your results.