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Since hair is better represented visually, we felt that what better way than to have a place to showcase people’s hair cuts or transformations.

Whether it’s a fresh haircut or a big transformation, both can be uplifting moments that can jump-start inspiration, motivation, and, ambition. There’s something about receiving a fresh new haircut or changing your hairstyle that makes you feel like a whole different person. 

This new Instagram page will help those looking for:

  • New hairstyle inspirations
  • Similar hair types and how they can relate. Making their own decisions on what to do with their own hair.
  • Those who just want to switch it up and change their current hairstyle. 

By submitting your fresh haircuts or transformations, we’ll be featuring your haircuts or transformations on our Instagram page: freshcuts_byBluMaan

*By filling out the form and accepting, you allow BluMaan to use your photos for repurposing on social media and marketing efforts *