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Step 1

Getting started with your Big Goal

Ready to reshape your online presence? It all starts with mindset—setting a clear end goal. You might have a lot of different goals, but picking one big goal like ‘Get more clients in the chair’ or ‘Become an industry voice’ will help make sure the content you create is always working towards that goal.

Step 2

Finding (and shaping) your audience

Building the right kind of audience to achieve your Big Goal takes care and attention. Showing off your expertise might attract more fellow stylists than potential clients, whereas going too simple or “click-baity” might bring in clients that don’t fit your target demographic. It’s all about deciding who you want to attract and making your content match.

Step 3

Creating your content

Once you have made up your mindset and know who you want to talk to, it’s time to actually start making content. There are no hard and fast rules, but here are some key tips you’ll need to know to ensure your content works for your goals, appeals to the right people, and feels fun to make.

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