Top 3 Must Try Mens Hairstyles for the Summer

Summer is in full effect! it's time to refresh your hairstyle game and embrace warm weather with confidence. Maybe you’ll go shorter, or maybe you’ll settle for a side part. Whichever one you decide to stick with, achieving the perfect summer look means achieving volume, texture, and the perfect amount of hold.

Check out these summer hair trends, and learn exactly how to pull them off. 

Short Quiff Hairstyle

Short Quiffs

The short quiff is like the swiss army knife of hairstyles—versatile, timeless, and perfect for summer.

Want to achieve this look? Start with Original Styling Meraki. It adds that much-needed volume and texture. Just apply a bit to damp hair, blow-dry while lifting at the roots, and finish with a smidge more product to lock it in place.

This style is your go-to for casual beach days or any summer outing. Picture yourself showing up at the beach looking fresh, like you just strolled off the set of a summer blockbuster. 


Side part hairstyle

Side Parts

For a polished and sophisticated summer look, you can’t go wrong with the classic side part.

Grab some Monarch Matte Paste to nail that clean and defined part. Just apply to dry clean hair, comb through evenly, and shape with a fine-tooth comb.

This style is spot-on for summer weddings or formal events, and can even bring a touch of yacht sophistication to poolside cocktail parties.


Taper Hairstyle

Tapered Cuts

The tapered cut is your go-to for a modern style that screams cool and effortless.

With Cavalier Heavy Clay, keeping those sharp tapered sections in place is a breeze. This powerhouse clay gives you the strong hold you need while adding texture to your hairstyle.

Just apply the clay to dry hair, style with your fingers or a comb, and boom—enjoy a fresh, long-lasting look that takes you from hitting the gym to heading to a music festival.


Still Figuring Out Your Ideal Summer Style?

Don’t sweat it. Check out our hair quiz now to get a better idea of what type of hair you actually have. With that crucial info in hand, we can offer recommendations on which products can help bring out the best hairstyle based on your hair type. It's time for you to conquer the summer!

Original Styling Meraki

Monarch Matte Paste

Cavalier Heavy Clay

Not sure what works for your hair type? Searching for more hold, volume, or texture? Take our hair quiz and find out your perfect match.