Unlock Your Style Potential: How to Transform Your Hairstyle in 2023

Ready for something new in your life? A guide to which products work best for specific hairstyles. 

If You Usually Go With the Flow…Why Not Try a Slick Back?

Got a wedding to attend this summer? Want to show your boss you take your job seriously? Or maybe you just want to start putting in more effort on date—whatever the reason, you can instantly make yourself look more put together with a slicked back hairstyle. 

You no longer have to worry about looking like a greaseball when styling your hair. While Fifth Sample Pomade has the high hold you need to slick back even thick, long and/or wavy hair, it is low-shine compared to many other pomades. Plus, the ‘oils’ in its formula are all organic and will nourish hair strands to keep healthy all day long. 

If You Usually Slick Back…Why Not Take a Walk on the Wild Side?

Look, we get it. If you’re used to having your hair ‘just-so’ then it can take a lot of confidence to let your hair do its own thing. This is particularly true for people with hair that is thick, or has some waviness. Relax! There’s nothing wrong with hair that’s a little messy-on-purpose. But, if you’re still on the fence about getting experimental, why not try Monarch Matte Paste?

If you like the look of spikes or quiffs, then this is the product to try out. It has no shine—just all-day hold and texture that lends itself to infinite restyling, so you can always touch up (or switch up) your look on the go.

If You Usually Go for Wild Styles…Why Not Go Low-Effort?

We know, we know—since when are we the ones suggesting LESS styling? The truth is, sometimes you just don’t have the time or energy to go all out. Sometimes you just want to do a quick dry, slap something in your hair and get out the door!

‘But my hair is too thick/wavy/out of control for that!’ we hear you shout. Listen, just a dime-sized dab of Cavalier Heavy Clay can tame even the wildest hair, without requiring a lot of work. Pair it with a pre-styler if volume is a concern, but otherwise let it do the heavy lifting so you can get on with your life. 

If You Have Zero Idea What You Want…Why Not Start Here?

Sometimes deep within us, a voice will cry out for something DIFFERENT…but we have no clue what ‘different’ we actually want. Before jumping into your barber’s chair and doing something drastic, why not take the BluMaan quiz? It asks a few basic questions about your hair, and can point you toward the products and styles that will work best with it. Good luck!


Cavalier Heavy Clay

Monarch Matte Paste

Not sure what works for your hair type? Searching for more hold, volume, or texture? Take our hair quiz and find out your perfect match.