Expert Tips: How to Fix 5 Hair Mistakes Men Often Make

If your hair never looks quite right, it’s likely that one of these is the culprit. Of course, there are a lot of mistakes people can make, but we found that these are the 5 hair mistakes that most men make at one time or another. There’s no shame in it! Here’s what to do instead:


‘Less is More’ is the golden rule of hair. Globbing on too much product can not only look odd and feel uncomfortable, but it can also damage your hair. That’s because it can block the pores on your scalp and cause irritation – This goes for styling and hair care products.

Solution: Start with just a little, and then layer as you need. If you have a long day ahead, you might want to bring along some product to re-style for after-work plans. And if you just can’t get the hold you want, then look for a higher-hold option rather than adding more of a low or medium-hold styler - try Cavalier Heavy Clay or Fifth Sample Pomade.

 Hybrid Cream Clay


Be honest—how many weeks pass by between haircuts? The signs are all there: Is your hair hard to control? Hard to style? Do you have split ends? Does it generally look messy but the bad kind of messy? All these point towards your hair getting too long for its own good.

Solution: Schedule regular maintenance cuts so you never hit that awkward phase of growth where your desired style just doesn’t look right. The easiest thing to do is schedule your next cut as you’re leaving your current appointment. It’s not a big deal to reschedule if you get busy. 

Also if you’re growing out your hair, a maintenance cut is important so your hair is not out of control. 

Joe Barber


We all want to look like David Beckham or Chris Hemsworth but the truth is we may not have the hair type for it. Spending tons of money chemically treating your hair to get even passable results can impact your hair health in the long run. This goes for those who have straight hair that want curly and vice-versa. 

Solution: We’re all for experimenting with different styles and colors, but over time if you keep bleaching and chemically treating your hair it will have an effect on your hair health.

This is a tough one, but you just have to make peace with reality. Look for a barber who understands your texture and face shape, and can give it to you straight when the look you bring in just isn’t realistic. They’ll help you find a style that fits and can be achieved especially with a styling product.

That’s where we come in and supply you with high quality styling products that suit most hair types that help provide volume, texture, and hold. 

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Despite what millions of YouTube videos might say, doing your own cuts and coloring at home can be a recipe for disaster. Not only can the immediate results be grim, but you can sometimes damage your strands so much that it will be difficult (and expensive) for a professional to fix.

Solution: Skip the online tutorials and leave cuts and colors to the professionals. Hair takes specialized knowledge of texture, type and even face shape. Who better than to trust someone who’s been cutting hair for their entire career. 

Find a barber or stylist that suits you. If budget is a factor and haircuts start to get expensive, find a school for trainee stylists. Hey, even we aren’t above letting a trainee pal give us a kitchen cut, but you have to weigh immediate cost-savings with potentially less-than-great results.

 Mike Smith


‘What a miracle of science!’ we all thought when we first saw our first 3-in-1 shower product. But unfortunately, most products that promise to ‘cure-all’ at best means ‘poor performance’, and at worst can work against your hair goals. 


It’s best to invest in products that focus on their performance and does that one thing really well. 

For example, our Nourishing Shampoo uses Vitamin E Beads to hydrate hair and is still designed to clean away not only oil and grease, but also any product buildup. On the other hand, conditioners use humectants that stay within the hair to retain moisture in strands and scalp. 

Combining these ingredients sounds good, but more times than not it doesn’t work the way we think it works. That’s why using both Shampoo and Conditioner regularly is so important 

Find a cleansing and conditioning duo that works for your hair, and get into the routine of using the one to cleanse and the other to hydrate. Take your time, enjoy the steam, and stop putting soap that’s meant to clean your skin onto your hair.

Shop our hair styling products to help take your style to the next level.

Cavalier Heavy Clay

Fifth Sample Pomade

If you have thick hair, you know how challenging it can be to control and style. That's why we've developed our famousThick Hair Control System, a two-step approach that will help you achieve the hairstyle you desire with ease. Whether you're looking to add volume and texture or create a polished and refined look, our system has you covered. In this blog, we'll walk you through the steps for both pre-styling and post-styling, ensuring you get the most out of our products.