Get Your Hair Summer-Ready: Top Hairstyling Tips for a Summer Season

Summer means ditching heavy jackets, enjoying the sun, and letting your hair out. Here are our tips for making sure your hairstyle can beat the heat while still looking hot all summer long. 


If you weren’t already washing and conditioning hair daily, summer is when it really starts to count. Sweaty heads increase oil on your scalp, and if you’re using more product than usual to fight frizz (more on that later) then you’ll end up with flat and stringy hair. Grab our Nourishing Shampoo and try using our shampoo brush to make sure you’re really getting in there. After cleansing away that product and grease buildup, use our matching conditioner to add back the nutrients you need (like Vitamin E, Vitamin A, and Fenugreek) for happy and healthy hair.


A regular, nourishing shampoo and conditioner routine like above will go a long way to fight the frizz caused by coarse hair texture and breakage, but we have a few more tips up our sleeve to help. Firstly, start protecting your hair! That means gently blotting your hair with a towel after showering rather than rubbing it roughly. Then, make sure you’re using the correct products before drying. Cloud Control Hair Oil is perfect for conditioning hair that usually feels dry or looks frizzy. 

Do you rely on heat tools to smooth hair or build up volume? Make sure you use one with a heat protectant in it, like Original Styling Meraki or Ascend Volume Cream.


Is your hair constantly falling flat during the summer? Sometimes a summer hairstyle requires a bit more hold, which is why we recommend Monarch Matte Paste or Fifth Sample Pomade. They’re both designed to last through heavy humidity, whether it’s caused by time in the gym or hot muggy weather. 

Not sure which one is right for your hair? Try our Discovery Styling Kit: it includes a trial-sized portion of our top post-stylers, so you can see which works best for you. 


Sometimes, the best summer hair tip is just a drastic cut. While very long hair gives you the freedom to tie your hair up and out of the way into a bun, short or mid-length hair can trap serious heat on your scalp. Summer is the perfect time to go for a dramatic cut with a stylish fade! Just make sure to book your next appointment as you pay—shaggy ends turn this fresh look into something just plain messy. 

Monarch Matte Paste

Discovery Styling Kit

Cloud Control Hair Oil

Not sure what works for your hair type? Searching for more hold, volume, or texture? Take our hair quiz and find out your perfect match.