Choosing The Right Hairstyle: Which Men's Haircut Suits Your Face Shape?

Match Your Face Shape with These Haircuts & Styles

Discover how different shapes and angles of our faces impact the cuts and styles that compliment us and make us look amazing. Find the perfect hairstyle that suits your unique face shape. Let's get started!


Here are some measurements to keep in mind - These measurements are meant to be used as guides, results may differ for each person.

Face Length

Measure from the edge of your hairline to the lower edge of your chin.

Forehead Width

The distance across the center of your forehead from hairline to hairline. It’s best to use a ruler or measuring tape.

Cheekbone Width

Feel for the highest point of your cheekbone, then measure from the outer edge of one cheekbone across to the other. Again, keep the measuring tape flat vs. curving it against your skin.

Jawline Width

Hold the measuring tape just below your ear and bring it down to the center of your chin, then multiply by two (for the other half). In this case, you can bend the tape so it sits against your skin. If you don’t have a soft measuring tape, you can use a string or even a phone cable. 

Take note of these measurements and follow us on to the next step. Don’t have a measuring tape on hand? There are more than a few apps that use your camera to tell you your face shape!


Once you have your measurements, you can figure out your face shape. With that, you can start thinking about the best haircuts and styles for your face shape.

Are you looking to balance out your extra wide cheekbones? Or perhaps you'd like to add some extra height to enhance your features? Consider these suggestions as you imagine the possibilities. And remember, your hairdresser is here to provide expert guidance and styling tailored to suit your unique face shape.



Is your face about as long as it is wide? If your measurements are mostly equal, and you have a rounded hair line and jawline, then you probably have a round face shape. Due to the lack of sharp edges, your round face suits shorter sides and a bit of volume on top to add length. 

Try this haircut/style:  Pompadour

Use Ascend Volume Cream as a pre-styler to build up the volume and foundation for the hairstyle. Finish with Monarch Matte Paste to lock in the hold and create a more texture and definition.


Crew Cut

Are your forehead, cheekbones, and jawline all about the same width? Then You’ve most likely have a square face shape. It can also be accompanied by a jawline and forehead that are wider and more pronounced than the average person, making a square face the more angular cousin of the round face shape. Adding length with volume is still a good idea, but also means you shouldn’t be afraid to go for a super short buzz if you like low maintenance.

Try this haircut/style: Crew Cut

Use Cavalier Heavy Clay by itself to create tons of texture and definition, while giving your hairstyle a matte finish. 



Is your forehead width smaller than your cheekbone width? If your face longer than it is wide? Then you likely have an oval face shape. Think of it like a combination of both square and round face shapes.

If your face lacks sharp edges at your cheeks, jaw or chin, you can probably rock any hairstyle, and you look great with facial hair. But avoid fringes/bangs that will make your face look rounder.

Try this haircut/style: Brush back or Quiff

Use Original Styling Meraki as a pre-styler to build up the volume and foundation for the hairstyle. Finish with Cavalier Heavy Clay create tons of texture and definition, and locking it in with its heavy hold. 


Middle Part

A rectangular face shape has roughly equal measurements, but your face is usually longer than it is wide. Your face may also take on this shape as you get older and lose a little volume in your cheeks. 

If you don’t want to further elongate your face, it’s safest to stick to short haircuts with minimal volume, like a crew or buzz cut. But if you do want a longer look, skip the side fade to grow your hair out and try a curtains look.  

Try this haircut/style: Middle part (Curtains)

Use Original Styling Meraki as a pre-styler to build up the volume and foundation for the hairstyle. Finish with Fifth Sample Pomade to lock in the hold and create a more slicker look.  


Side Part

A diamond face shape has a longer face with wide, well-defined cheekbones. Keep in mind you might want to balance out all the sharp edges of your face with a layered haircut and a bit of volume. Try some shorter hairstyles and play around with some volume. 

Try this haircut/style: Quiff or classic side part

Use Ascend Volume Cream as a pre-styler to build up the volume and foundation for the hairstyle. Finish with Monarch Matte Paste to lock in the hold and create a more texture and definition.

Still having trouble figuring out your face shape? Then join the #BluFam community and ask around!  In this Facebook group, you can connect with a  community to get practical advice from guys all over the world who are passionate about the same things you are.

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