3 Tips To Create Insane Volume For Flat Thin Hair

Let's admit it, we've all been frustrated with hair products that just doesn't can't seem to do job right. We expect our hair products to keep our hair in place only to find it falling to where it naturally wants to fall within minutes of styling. We hate to break it to you but 99% of the time the product isn't the problem, it's what you are not doing!  

1. Start pre-styling to add insane volume

If you haven't tried pre-styling your hair you are missing out! Especially for guys with thin hair, pre-styling is THE BEST way add volume to your hair.

So you're probably thinking "So what is Pre-styling?!" Well its actually two simple steps. First is to apply pre-styler product to damp hair - this helps create the foundation for the next step. Then blow-dry your hair for a few minutes and it will add volume to flat hair that can last for hours

Pro-tip: Pre-styler should be lightweight. You don’t want a pre-styler that leaves your hair feeling heavy and oily, before you even apply your regular hair product.

2. Blow-drying your hair will get it in the right place (even stubborn ones!)

We've all tried hair products that just doesn't seem to do job right. That's because we expect our hair products to keep our hair in place only to find it falling to where it naturally wants to fall within minutes of styling. The best way to get your hair to start going the way you want (without using icky hair sprays and gel) is by using a blowdryer to style your hair. 

Once you add your pre-styer of choice to damp hair. Then use a brush, shape your hair in the direction in which you will be styling it. Continue to brush and blow dry until your hair is completely dry.

Pro-Tip: As you blow dry and shape the hair into your desired style, finishing off with a blasting of cold air will REALLY lock in the style all day long.

3. Use a natural clay / paste to add some thickness

By doing the first 2 steps you've already achieve 90% getting all day volume. The last step is to shape the hair the way you want it to look. 

People with thin hair tend to also want to their hair to appear thicker. We recommend using hair clays and paste because it's amazing for adding thickness and body to your hair. Not to mention clay is known for its ability to nourish and cleanse; clay can remove dirt and oil, exfoliate the scalp, and naturally conditions the hair. This makes clay an amazing choice for adding body to your hair.

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