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Original by BluMaan - Styling Meraki - Smooth (2.5oz)



* a word that modern Greeks often use to describe what happens when you leave a piece of yourself (your soul, creativity, or love) in your work.


Creamy, buttery-smooth application

Effortless application with no pulling or tugging to your hair 

Long-lasting hold, light weight

Keeps your hair in place for all-day style-retention

Restyle-able hold

Flexible styling without “crusting” or “drying up”

Heat protectant feature

Protects your hair from heat-damage

Matte finish

Natural look that appears like there’s nothing-in-your-hair

Pre and post styler

Versatile use for your everyday styling needs

Cocktails well with other products

Compliments the other products you own and acts as a “performance enhancer”

Natural ingredients

Does not contain Paraben, Formalehyde, PVC or other toxic ingredients commonly found in low quality hair products


Is it going to take months before I receive the product?
Original Smooth is already manufactured. It will be shipped in 1-2 business days after you’ve placed your order.

How is this different from the original Original Styling Meraki?

If you experience tugging, or pulling with Original, then this Smooth reformulation was made specially for you. It has a creamy emulsification process and application which means it will NOT pull or tug on your hair.

If I don't experience the "pulling" or "tugging" issue with the original Original, would Smooth still work for me?

Smooth has all the high-hold, light-weight, matte finish, looks-like-nothing's-in-your-hair features of the original Original. If you like the original Original, then yes, it will work for you.

I already like Original the way it is, how would I benefit from buying it?

If you're a hair enthusiast and you're part of the Blumaan community, then Original Smooth would serve as a special addition to your product collection :)

Was Original Smooth tested on animals?

NO! We would never do that


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Original by BluMaan (1st Edition and Smooth)

How long does it actually hold?

In our tests Original held for between 10 hours and 2 days, depending on the hair type. We have tested the product on a dozen knowledgeable community members and the results were that the product held for significantly longer than other popular products. That being said, keep in mind that there are tons of hair types so hold might vary depending. Some may give more or less hold than the people tested so far.

How is this better than the other products?

This product took months of work to create exactly what the online style community asked for. Original by BluMaan is as close to the consensus of an ideal product as we could possibly make it. I mean for real… it took us 5 different teams of chemists to come up with a product we’re proud to present.

Will it work for my hair type?

Original has been tested on wavy, straight, thick, thin, coarse and fine hair. It has proven to provide all day hold for the hair types tested. If your hair type is particularly extreme, it may not have been tested yet. Although not tested, there is a chance Original won’t work on balding, thinning, or naturally very very thin hair. Standard thin hair was tested and it performed great for this hair type. So far the product worked for all individuals who tested it and for all hair types listed. While likely not being perfect for 100% of hair types, Original is more versatile than all or nearly all high hold products for hair types.

How long does it take to apply?

Thanks to it’s naturally based components, Original is considerably less sticky than many other high hold products. That being said, brief stickiness may be felt when applying to thicker hair. Any sticky feeling felt upon application will disappear within 10 minutes of the product setting into the hair. It does not leave your hair feeling dry or crispy.

How much is shipping?

Click the purchase button and we will calculate the shipping for you.

Will it pull on my hair? Is it sticky?

The product does not significantly pull on hair when applied. It is a high hold product so you will feel it during application, but it is more creamy than sticky. Any sticky feeling felt upon application will disappear within 10 minutes of the product setting into the hair.

Are there any harmful chemicals?

Of course not! We don’t condone harmful chemicals and therefore would never release a damaging formula. Original has many plant extracts and is a NATURALLY based product.

Does the product wash out easily and is it water soluble?

It’s not 100% water soluble, but it does come out of the hair easily when washed with shampoo. During testing the product washed out with shampoo for everyone. Some people found that it came out with just water, but some people needed shampoo. The product is water based and behaves like other water based products.

Does it appear greasy or shiny?

Original has a matte finish, it is not greasy or shiny

How do I know how much I should use?

This depends entirely on your hair type. You will need to experiment as thin hair will require less and thicker hair will need more. It is a relatively strong formula that does not require more than your average strong hold product. We recommend to start with a small amount and add more as needed.

Who specifically is this for?

People who want healthy hair that holds all day with a "no-product" look finish.

Who specifically is this NOT for?

People with thinning hair, people who want a slicking style with shine, people who prefer not to have volume in their hair and dem no good haters.

Has Original by BluMaan ever been tested on animals?

No! We would never do that ever.

Is it US made?



Fifth Sample by BluMaan

Does it look natural?
If you use a little it gives you a natural glow, and if you use more the product provides medium shine.

Does it look greasy?
No! The product gives a tasteful shine.

Is it oil-based or water based?
Water based.

Is it US made?
Everything we make is US made!

How long does it take to apply?
30 seconds to a minute.

What is the “hold” of this product?
This is a medium hold pomade. Keeps hair in place without being too heavy.

How long does the hold last?
All day!

Has the product been tested on animals?
Never ever. Cept my pet crocodile named jasper.