COVID Shipping and Country Suspensions

As we continue with the COVID-19 pandemic, we understand that there are many countries that have been affected and because of this, there will be shipping delays. 
If your area is experiencing shipping delays, we ask that you wait just a little longer after your provided estimated date of delivery, as more delivery staff sort through this matter. 
We have included a list of temporarily suspended countries due to the pandemic.
Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Algeria Cape Verde Eswatini Kenya Samoa Tajikistan
Angola Cayman Islands Ethiopia Kiribati Morocco Sao Tome Tanzania
Antigua and Barbuda Central African Republic Faroe Island Mozambique
Aruba Chad French Polynesia Kyrgyzstan Myanmar Senegal Timor-Leste
Azerbaijan Chile Gabon Seychelles Togo
Bahamas China Gambia Lebanon Nepal Sierra Leone Tonga
Barbados Ghana Lesotho New Caledonia Sint Maarten
Belize Comoros Grenada Liberia Nicaragua Solomon Islands
Benin Cook Islands Guadeloupe Libya Niger Somalia Tunisia
Bermuda Costa Rica Guatemala Nigeria South Africa Tuvalu
Bhutan Cuba Guinea Macao Pakistan Uganda
Bolivia Curacao Guinea Bissau Madagascar Panama South Sudan
Bonaire Guyana Malawi Papua New Guinea Uruguay
Bosnia and Herzegovina Democratic Republic of Congo Haiti Maledives Paraguay St. Kitts and Nevis Uzbekistan
Botswana Djibouti Honduras Mali St. Lucia Vanuatu
Dominica Martinique St. Vincent and the Grenadines Venezuela
Brunei Darussalam East Timor Iran Mauritania Republic of the Congo Sudan Wallis and Futuna
Burkina Faso Ecuador Iraq Reunion Suriname Western Sahara
Burundi Egypt Ivory Coast Moldavia Rwanda Swaziland Yemen
Cameroon El Salvador
Mongolia Saint Helena Taiwan Zambia
Equatorial Guinea Kazakhstan Zimbabwe