Barber Relief Fund FAQ

How do you decide which barbers and shops receive this supplement?

We will verify professional license numbers and business locations affected by the pandemic. Once confirmed, the one-time payment will be made to a limited number of those in need on a first come, first served basis.

How much money is being given?

A one-time payment that will be determined at the end of April will be given to qualified applicants to help their businesses stay open and keep their livelihoods. The money can be spent however the recipients wish to keep their operations running smoothly. Once the money is yours, it’s yours.

I’m not a licensed hairdresser or barber. Can I receive the money?

Sorry, but no. We understand that so many are facing hard times, but this supplement has an intended purpose: to help hairstyling professionals affected by the Covid-19 outbreak. 

I am not in Canada or the United States. Can I receive the money?

Unfortunately, no. We understand that this is a global issue, but we are aiming to help those within our immediate community. 

I want to help too! How can I contribute to this budget to help?

We appreciate your interest and support, but we advise you to make such contributions independently. While this is an effort made by our company, we are not an established non-profit organization accepting ongoing donations.

I’ve applied, but I can’t receive anything? Why?

There is a limited budget we’ve set aside for this purpose. We are very sorry that we cannot contribute more than what’s been set currently, but we will keep striving to help others in our community however we are able. Please consider applying for other relief funds available for hair and beauty professionals.

Here’s a notable one: