The Incredible Volume Giveaway

This is your chance to win a FREE DYSON SUPERSONIC BLOWDRYER.

Giveaway ends November 26, 2019



1 x GRAND PRIZE ($700)

1 Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer w/ extra $100 display stand

2 Ascend Volume Cream

1 Cloud Control Hair oil

1 Discovery Styling Kit



1 Ascend Volume Cream 

1 Discovery Styling Kit






We noticed that creating volume was a struggle for tons of guys out there.

It came to our attention that most styling products are heavier because they focus on providing texture and/or hold. However, these products end up weighing down your hair instead of giving it volume. 

So we decided it's time to create a product that just does one thing really well - creating massive volume. 

Our highly effective volume cream and the use of a high-quality blow dryer is the best combination to achieve volume for any hairstyle.